Animal Adoption

What you need to know about adoption

Adoption is for the life of an animal and should be a careful decision.

Part of our responsibility at Old MacDonald Kennels is to find our rescued animals loving, forever homes. We want to ensure that the animal you wish to adopt is well suited for you, your family, your home as well as your lifestyle.

Please note that the animals in our care have uncertain pasts. We do our best to guess at age/breed/size, but we can never be certain. We also cannot guarantee health or temperament.

Adoption Process

  • Step 1

    When you come out to Old MacDonald Kennels to look for a new addition to your family, we ask that you bring any other dogs that you own, as well as the members of the house hold (especially children)
  • Step 2

    Spend some time talking with the staff about your life style. We will talk with you about such things as, any cats or live stock you may own, if you have a fenced yard, how active your family is, etc. We ask that you are as honest as possible to ensure a happy home for the dog. From there we will help to point you in the right direction of a dog that will suit your life style.
  • Step 3

    Once you have found a dog that you would like to get to know, we ask that you spend as much time as possible with that dog to really be sure that it is a good match, we have plenty of space to take the dog for a walk or play with it in the off leash area.
  • Step 4

    If we feel that you can provide the best home for the dog, then we will ask you to fill out our adoption contract. From there you get to take your new family member home, please know that we take adoptions very seriously as everyone who works at Old MacDonald Kennels is very passionate about every dog that comes through our door. We stress that this is a big commitment to be prepared for. Please note that we always take our dogs and cats back when needed!!! Adoption fees are non-refundable and non- negotiable.