June 8, 2022
Jill -adoption pending
June 8, 2022
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An update on our boy Jack💙
Jack came into our care at the beginning of May. He had a very sore eye and was weeping blood. We had him at vet the following morning to see what was going on and after a few eye stains, there was nothing concerning on his eye. Jack also had an ear infection.
Our vet is concerned that Jack had some trauma to that side of his face. We were sent home with a heavy round of antibiotics and ear and eye drops.
Jack was at the vet tech program at Olds College and they discovered he has a drainage hole in the roof of his mouth, which could be causing both the eye and ear issues.
We took Jack back to our vet for his neuter and to see what the vet could do for him. The vet thinks he has an old quill that is migrating. Jack will require an ultrasound or MRI to see exactly what and where it is stuck. Without proper treatment there is a chance he could lose his eye.
So Jack is still a bit of a project more time and more TLC and of course more vet bills.
Through all this, he is a wonderful kind soul.
🌟💙Any help is always appreciated 💙🌟
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