About Old Macdonald Kennels

We started Old MacDonald Boarding Facility to subsidize our animal shelter. The income generated allows us to be a “no kill shelter.”

This is a home based family business. Martine’s passion for animals, dogs in particular lead her to become an Animal Services Officer. Martine soon realized the need for a safe environment for strays and seized dogs. The need was greater than her original expectation, there for prompting the ground breaking and construction of this new state of the art facility. We currently have 55 available kennels. There are 5 extra-large kennels for families with more than 2 dogs. Each kennel is equipped with a doggy door to an individual outside secured kennel. We have 5 compounds where the dogs can be off leash and are able to socialize with other boarding guests. This only with the owners permission.

We have full time staff 7 days a week. All staff members are passionate about animal welfare and well-being.

The animals will be checked in the evening, the facility is on Martine her yard. Weekly vet visits.